5 ways to up your digital marketing game

With millions of potential customers and thousands of competitors, digital marketing is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to your targeted groups out there. However, digital marketing is far from just tweeting, or uploading a post. It needs more planning and strategizing your game effectively. Here some of our favorite ways at DS in leveling digital marketing game.

Execute online communication with chatbots

Chatbots have been getting popular among companies, retails and even small businesses, and looks like it is not going down anytime soon. If you’re wondering how does it actually work, chatbots have been programmed to learn to recognize data, speech, and patterns.

Using all the information given, they are able to provide accurate results every time they receive similar queries. Plus, chatbots are not as robotic as they used to be, they are now much friendlier, and more human-like, thanks to NLP or Natural Language Programming. Chatbots save a lot of time and has the ability to collect information from thousands of sources and give an answer almost instantly.

Create customer personas

Ok, this may sound simple, but it actually needs a lot of research, testing, and surveys. Most successful businesses and brands have their own customer personas for each of their products. By having a clear image of their target groups, they will automatically have a clearer view to target in targeting their customers’ needs. Though the main avatars should be characteristics, gender, age, income, and locality, companies should look more in-depth than that.

Get into native advertising

While video advertising is on the rise, pairing it with native advertising will make double the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. For example, one of the most successful native advertising is when Netflix partnered up with The Wall Street Journal to launch their show, Narcos. Netflix knew their audience well enough to create useful content with the perfect media, via a sponsored article that met the publisher’s editorial standards. The outcome was amazing, innovative, creative and takes Netflix at a unique content creator level.

Plan before you leap

Do you remember how your lecturer would emphasize so much about planning back in the uni days? Remember when you actually had to submit a plan before executing any of your assignments? Well, apparently that habit has its own benefits. And we’re not talking about vague plans, we’re talking about exact clear goals.

Whether your objective is growing revenue or driving traffic, generating leads or even footfall, it has to have a more in-depth objective. And yes, we’re talking about an objective that you can measure. When you’re able to measure, it’s easier to monitor your success or vice-versa.

Embrace growth hacking

It is very important to know that growth hacking is an approach and not a tool. Mainly used by start-ups so that they don’t have to dwell on the marketing budget, but actually, spend more time researching and getting into customer behavior.

A great example of a local startup company that does this is Mindvalley, where they know exactly when their customers want from them, and eventually developed their own growth metrics. MindValley is famous for implementing this via their content marketing which includes; blogs, social media, ebooks, webinars, video, live videos, and even influencer marketing, all to just increase effectiveness and boost their ROI.