The Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

The importance of digital marketing in business has dramatically increase these days that it seems like traditional marketing is slowly disappearing, and at a certain point seems irrelevant.

Not only that, digital marketing strategy and patterns in these last two years have changed so much, comparing to how it was five years ago. The right digital marketing strategy can really boost up the growth of a startup, providing that they’re smart about which strategy they want to use. Let’s see some of our favourable strategies at DS:

1. Email marketing

Some may say that email marketing is irrelevant and does not work anymore. But this is far from right. Demand Metric and Data Marketing Association did a survey and found that email marketing had ROI of 122 percent. This is actually four times higher than other marketing channels such as paid search and social media. Now the best strategy to get to this successfully lies in; subject, persuasive language and email for mobile devices (optimize).

2. Social Media

According to, “Social media marketing has been forecasted to grow from about $32 billion in 2017 to $48 billion in 2021.” Studies have shown that 90% of marketers agree that business strategy emphasize on their business, but social media have incurred exposure for their brand and business.

3. Content Marketing

This is the latest trendy marketing strategy, and it is highly recommended that startups tap into it. This strategy is all about creation, publication, production, and distribution to a targeted group. This could range from anything like, articles, videos, posters, blogs, jingles or any other creative content that contributes to engagement with audiences. Apart from giving brands awareness and recognition, it actually gives credibility and authority for a long term relationship with the audience.

4. Search Ads

Search ads is a famous strategy to attract visitors to a website using keywords keyed in by visitors. This helps to generate sales-ready leads. This strategy also helps to acquire the right customer at the right time. One of the benefits of using this strategy is that detailed data and insights can be acquired using its analytical tool. This data can help businesses to study their business models and strategy and help them to do yearly projection.

5. Facebook Ads

This is one of our favourite kind of ads. Not only that it targets to reach specific audience, but it also lets you choose your audience criteria by age, location, gender, interest, character and more. This gives a business more chance of success as it’s audience will come from a group of people who are really into the business.