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Digital Symphony is now an accredited Facebook Preferred Partner.

Digital Symphony x Facebook

Digital Symphony is now officially a certified Facebook Preferred Business Partner. A much sought-after badge of honour worn only by the elite of digital agencies. This title brings us into a new era of delivering the best results for you.

To qualify, Facebook vets agencies based on their track record, expertise and experience. An accredited preferred business partner would have had to fulfill Facebook's stricts requirements and certifications to make the cut.

We are thrilled to be recognised as one of the top digital agencies in Malaysia. This badge will only further spur our drive to deliver continued success for our clients.

What it
means to us

This badge is a recognition of our continuous pursuit of excellence in the digital realm.

At the core-it validates our work and everything we do in our efforts to deliver unparalleled results for you, our valued customers.

As a data-driven agency, Digital Symphony will greatly benefit from detailed Facebook analytics reports, advanced analytical tools, and recommendations. Coupled with our in-house data sets, CRM and reporting systems - Digital Symphony will be a formidable digital force to be reckoned with.

What's in it for you!


Real-time Support

But none of this would matter if it weren't for you, our valued clients, partners and associates. So, let's delve into what drove you here.

We all have something in common – we hate talking to robots. As a preferred business partner, that will be a thing of the past. On top of the 24/7 priority support on all operational and program-specific issues on Facebook, we will also have access to our own concierge. No, not just any front desk personnel but a Facebook dedicated account manager that’s supporting us. For you, that means a quicker response time and more efficient issue resolution.



We make you look good. Let's face it, performance is the only thing that counts. Digital Symphony was founded as a data-driven agency - it is an ideology that has driven us to develop in-house tools and expertise to deliver results. Our continuous drive to deliver successful campaigns for our clients will be bolstered with access to Facebook's advanced tools, analytics and recommendations. We can better customize and improve performance with detailed Facebook reports coupled with our experience and expertise.

Access to Unique Tools

Exclusive Resources

Exclusive Resources

Like you, we too want to be ahead of the competition. Facebook Preferred Business Partners receive exclusive access to Virtual Expos on Facebook's latest updates. We will be the first few to gain access to the latest features, best practices and most importantly, insights. All these will help us stay ahead of the competition. And when we are ahead, you can be assured that you are too.


Getting ahead is one thing - staying ahead is a whole different game . Continuous improvement and upskilling has always been in Digital Symphony DNA. We will be furnished with access to training programmes conducted by Facebook experts. This is a welcome addition to our ongoing in-house courses and a spur to take our service levels above and beyond. All these translate to better service for you.


Comprehensive Training

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